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Christmas Raffle and Giveaway

Out West J&D is hosting a raffle and a free giveaway! Raffle and free giveaway entries start on 12/14 and end on 12/24. See below for more information on prizes and how to enter.

Raffle (pay to enter)

This Christmas raffle has AWESOME prizes. The winner of the raffle will be chosen at random and will receive 4 gifts valued at $60! The winner will get to customize their gift basket, which has a surprise gift included. Check out the gift options to the right (bottom for mobile users)! The winner will be notified via email on 12/27. Plus, ALL raffle participants will receive a free gift just for entering! Click "Enter Raffle" below for your chance to score big!

1 Entry    - $5
3 Entries - $10
5 Entries - $15

Raffle Options.png

Giveaway (enter for free)

The free giveaway, valued at $35, includes the winner's choice of 2 pieces of jewelry. See the options to the left (bottom for mobile users)! Along with jewelry, the winner will get a surprise gift! To enter for your chance to win super cute jewelry and a free gift, just click "Enter Giveaway" below. The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified via email on 12/27. Payment is NOT required for entry, this is a FREE giveaway! 

Giveaway Options.png
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